Tryouts 2016
Plan to be outside if no snow and weather above 33 degrees.  Dress accordingly.
Fresh Soph and JV information will be posted early during next week.

All players who wish to try out must turn in a participation form to the athletic office as well as have an updated physical on file.  Failure to do so will prevent you from trying out.
Any players who are trying out for Varsity, who were NOT on varsity last year, must let Coach Snell know beforehand.
Varsity Tryouts
JV & FS Tryouts
  1. Mon, Feb 29 5:45-8 pm
    Varsity Day 1
    **MEET IN 1E CLASSROOM** Assessment/Test 2 Mile Run Shuttle Evaluation/GBC Hamster Drill Keep Away Passing and Space
  2. Tue, Mar 1 5:45-8:45 (8p if outside)
    Varsity Day 2
    **MEET ON LAKE STREET FIELD** Unsettled Situations Feeding/Shooting Progressive Defense 300M Dash/Short Cone Agility Ladder
  3. Wed, Mar 2 5:45-TBD
    Varsity Day 3
    Scrimmage Results
  4. Mon, Mar 7 5:45-8 pm
    JV/FS Day 1
    Assessment/Test 2 Mile Run Shuttle Evaluation Hamster Drill 1v1's with Feeding
  5. Tue, Mar 8 - 5:45-8 pm
    JV/FS Day 2
    Feeding/Shooting Progressive Defense 300M Dash 1v1 to Goal; 2v2 to Goal; 3v2 to Goal
  6. Wed, Mar 9 5:45-TBD
    JV/FS Day 3
    Scrimmage Results

Eligible to Tryout


Best, Cate
Braun, Samantha
Conmy, Liv
Edwards, An
Eisner, Julia
Ferraro, Olivia
Grant, Sheridan
Kohout, Mary Cate
Krause, Lauren
Lynch, Mary
McGillen, Annie
Proctor, Erin
Scibek, Camille
Shorr, Arden
Turk, Lydia


Baca, Carolyn
Bearrows, Brett
Bowling, Fiona
Clancy, Maureen
Coffey, Veronica
Dyhrkopp, Alana
Failor, Braley
Farlee, Catherine
Farnham, Gracie
Guthrie, India
Heinig, Lydia
Iseli, Rebecca
Kernodle, Carlee
McGuire, Erin
Roarty, Clare
Rorres, Christina
Talluto, Catherine
Washington, Devin

Arnesen, Gabriela
Brandstrader, Lucy
Conley, Christen
Gorre, Melanie
Gray, Legacy
Heineke, Cecilia
Johnson, Elaine
Lena, Molly
Mann, Ellie
McGuire, Caitleen
Moore, Camille
Pope, Olivia
Pridmore, Amanda
Sheehan, Maeve
Smith, Chloe
Soodan, India
Taglia, Ginny
Thiese, Kelly

Blatner, Caitlyn
Brennan, Ella
Jozefowicz, Jane
Reid, Katy
Roarty, Jane
Roucka, Livy
Thurman, Sophie